Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I'm the communications pastor in my church. People inevitably ask, and you may be wondering also, what does that mean? What does a communications pastor actually do? For the past year, I haven't really known how to most effectively answer that question. What I usually say in response is that I manage the website, create print pieces, produce videos, and so on. But that just doesn't really seem to capture it. And seriously, why do you need a pastor to manage the website?

It occurred to me Sunday afternoon while sitting at a table with some newcomers to PCC, and after giving the standard stale response, what my job actually is.

I'm a storyteller.

My role as the communications pastor is to effectively, passionately, and consistently tell stories; the story of God's redemptive love for each and every person...the story of Pathway, and how God is using our church to activate his plan of redemption in our community...the stories of people who have been gripped by His Grace and who's lives have been transformed as a result. Now, to tell these stories, I may use our website, print material, videos, or maybe even the Twitter. But those are just the tools, they're not what I do. What I do is tell the stories.

Because I'm a storyteller. And everyone has a story to tell.