Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thirteen Years Ago

On a date last night (April 8, 2011), Amanda and I ended up at an old familiar bookstore that, like so many other businesses in this economy, is closing their doors. As we walked into the Borders I was suddenly reminded that Amanda and I had visited that very store on our first date thirteen years ago - almost to the day (April 9, 1998). What's funny is that we hadn't been to Borders in years, and only went last night with the hopes of finding good deals in their closeout sale. The realization of the significance of the dates put everything into a new perspective.

Bookstores have been a part of our dating routine from the very beginning, and I didn't even realize it until last night. It was also just another sad reminder of how things change, and parts of our lives that we want to take for granted just simply cannot last. I've already posted about the closing of my college, but there are several other places of significance, from childhood into my adult years, that have closed or changed beyond recognition. The world is moving on all around me, which makes me ever more thankful for the moments I have... moments like date nights with my wife, family nights with the kids. The places may change or go away, but those moments are worth sharing... and remembering.

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