Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Motives Behind My Prayer

Chambers challenged me this morning with this quote:
"Think of the last thing you prayed about - were you devoted to your desire or to God? Was your determination to get some gift of the Spirit for yourself or to get to God?"
When I approach God in prayer, what are my motives? Is it only out of a need that I trust God will fulfill, or is it simply because I love him? Am I hoping to gain something other than God himself?

God - forgive me... I know too many times I approach you only at the prompting of a need. I want to be more than a follower, God... I want to love you in a deeper, fuller way. I want my life to be marked by that love in all that I do - both publicly and privately, may my life exude your love, the depth of my relationship with you. Amen.

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