Thursday, March 17, 2011

A New Way to Express Myself

I'm no stranger to the blogging world. At the moment, I run two different blogs, and this being my third. Do I really need ANOTHER place on the internet to share my thoughts? Will anyone ever read this? Does anyone care? Probably not. Needless to say, the necessity of this blog is debatable, and the activity may be limited. And yet here we are.

The truth is that I like to write. One blog allows me to write on a more ridiculous note, while another offers more of a ministry focused outlet. This one, unlike the others, is a place for me to share my thoughts, journal entries, things about me. It may not be funny; it might be somewhat serious and of the "deeper" variety. It really doesn't matter. Unlike the others, this is a blog without the confines of a personality. It will be whatever I feel like at the moment I post. That, in and of itself, may be the only thing that justifies its existence.

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